About Krystal Howard

I teach, read, write, and blog about children's literature. I am an Assistant Professor of Children's Literature in the Liberal Studies Program at California State University, Northridge. I hold a PhD in English Literature and an MFA in Poetry from Western Michigan University, as well as a BA in Writing, Women's Studies, and Religion from Drake University. My research interests include children's and young adult literature, verse novels for young readers, contemporary American poetry, multicultural children's and young adult literature, and comics studies. My favorite thing to do is to curl up in a rocker by a window with my favorite dog and a book. You can find out more about me, my teaching, and my scholarship at my website www.krystalhoward.com and you can follow me on tumblr https://drkrystalhoward.tumblr.com/ and twitter @drkrystalhoward.